Incredible Jaipur-Part-1

Incredible Jaipur-Part-1

Jaipur is state capital of Rajasthan. It is approx. 300 km from Delhi.  It takes just 5 to 6 hours to travel this tourist place via bus or train. It is well connected to Delhi via flight, train buses etc.  Being so closed to Delhi we could not plan any visit with family to Jaipur in last 17 years, since we are staying in Delhi. Whenever we thought to visit Jaipur, always it came in mind that we can visit Jaipur in any weekend. Although we have traveled many destinations like Massoori, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Shirdi, Mumbai, Banglore and puttaparthi, Ujjain, Indore, Chitrakut and Maihar,Mathura and Agra etc. But most of the places were connected with any famous temple. We mostly traveled for pilgrimage and covered other destinations as sightseeing. Since Jaipur had no such famous temple so it could not get priority.

Tour Planning- Helping Hand from Colleagues
On 18th evening Mrs. suggested to visit any tourist place. Someone suggested for Haridwar or some other places but being untouched Jaipur got finalized unanimously. On 19th morning I discussed with my colleagues in office. My two friends Mr. Pradeep Sharma and Mr. Nitin Khandelwal are natives of Jaipur, so they briefed about most of the places to be visited. We wanted to go there by bus but Mr. Arun Mehta suggested to go with Shatabdi. Without any further delay 4 tickets in Shatabdi were booked for weekend 22nd of February 2020.  Mr. Pradeep booked hotel for 22nd and 23rd and a taxi on 23rd February 2020. I applied for leave on 24th which was approved by my supervisor so that we could cover most of the locations. There was enthusiasm in family members about Jaipur Journey. New clothes were purchased for all of us.

Delhi to Jaipur- Meeting a Kashmiri native in train
On 22nd morning we had to catch train from New Delhi Railway Station. Children were ready by 4 am. We got ready to start for NDLS by 4:45 am and reached to NDLS railway Station by 5:30 am. Shatabdi came at its scheduled time and departed at 6:05 am from New Delhi Railway Station. At New Delhi Railway Station, half of seats were vacant. However, it was almost fully occupied at Delhi Cant. Railway Station. In our train we met a Kashmiri Family having 2 women’s, 2 children and a man named Unis. They were going to Ajmer. They were speaking in Kashmiri while interacting with each other. We discussed with them about present law and order situation in J&K. They invited us to visit Kashmiri in April month and we took selfie also. All were very nice person. After discussing with them we realized that Kashmir problem is somewhere created by our own politician’s for vote bank, otherwise normal people wants to live peacefully, visit tourist places with family and enjoy our joint cultural heritage.

Train was almost 1 hour late and we reached Jaipur by 11:45 am. We took cab from Jaipur Railway Station and reached to hotel Milestone 251 by 12:30 noon. Hotel room was neat & clean and its size was big enough to accommodate us. My Wife had prepared delicious Kachauri’s and vegetables to carry with us, so utilized it as lunch and took rest up to 2 pm.

Local Sight Seen – Jantar Mantar, City Palace and Hawa Mahal (22.2.2020)

  • We started at 2 pm from hotel. Pink city had its own beauty in terms same colour buildings and same type of sign boards on shops. Most of the roads are one way. We reached Jantar Mantar via cab within 25-30 minutes. Jantar Mantar is managed by Govt. of Rajasthan. We purchased tickets from ticket counter. Later we realized that composite ticket would have been economical. Elder son had student id so his ticket was cheaper. Jantar Mantar of Jaipur was made by King Sawai Jai Singh in 18th Century 1724-1725 by Ruler Sawai Maan Singh II. It is best example of Indian Archaeology. We took Guide to help us understand its structure and importance. Guide informed us about different structures of Jantar Mantar. How time is calculated. Prototype & actual structure. He worked out time as per Jantar Mantar and reconciled it with Indian Standard Time.

After adding time zone difference Standard time was matching. Further he shown us structures representing different zodiacs signs. How zodiac signs were calculated by Astrologers with the help of shadow from sun rays. There after we went in small museum in Jantar Mantar where these things were explained in shot film further. Over all if you are going to Jaipur then don’t miss this heritage. Please do take guide to understand how our Astrological Science was captured via this monument in medieval India.

After Jantar Mantar we enjoyed tasty Keshar Kulfi. Kulfi in Jaipur is given with cap of paper plates.  City Palace is opposite to Jantar Mantar. It is a big campus of multiple buildings. This is private property of Jaipur King, where he still lives. Part of the area is opened for public visit. Here we had to purchase separate tickets. There is a museum displaying clothes worn by ex-kings, arms like swords, Axes etc. There are two big sized pitcher pots “kalash” made of silver lying in city palace. These Kalasha’s were taken to England when king visited England to attend marriage function of Prince Advard.

From City Palace Hawa Mahal is at walking distance. A beautiful multistory building having windows in every part of it built in 1799 by Ruler Sawai Pratap Singh .To take photograph of this building conveniently in mobile a selfie stand was purchased here. A fountain is installed inside this building. Most of the parts have small sloppy stairs. It appears that rulers used to go there in wheel chairs pulled by attendants. View of whole Jaipur is visible from terrace of Hawa Mahal.

By the time 6:30 pm we completed these 2 sights. By the time we felt tired so decided to return back. In dinner we wanted to have local food so visited Santosh Bhojnalaya at Sindhi Camp and had Rajasthani Dal Bati. By 8:30 pm we went to sleep.

To be continued.....

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  2. Really good description of jaipur city. Nicely described and narrated.


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