Have you Experienced Power of Authenticity?

Have you Experienced Power of Authenticity?

Power of Authenticity has been defined as courage to be self. To present his own true character in front of others. It may be looking as a special action but in reality it is an attribute of truth. It’s strong recommendation for harmony in thought deed and action.
In general, do we behave like this only? Perhaps no.

Our mind creates its own fear zone and we got stuck in it. I remember once such incidence. I had taken admission in CA Foundation. My knowledge of Accountancy was almost Nil. So I took admission in a coaching class. In my first class teacher taught us about different accounting assumptions like prudence, going concern and accrual etc. I was a student of Hindi medium. In coaching these chapters were taught in English. All theories were going above my head. Despite my good curiosity I could gather only few. After one and half hour class teacher summed up entire concepts as revision then he asked whether anybody have any query. No body raised his hand. I was also silent pretending that I know everything. Then he expressed his doubt about our response, saying that either all are brilliant students or no one understood anything. Further he added that if all are brilliant then there is no need of class or you raise your hand. He told further that if no body have any query then he will take test. After this statement one student raised his hand saying that he did not understand the “Accrual Concept”. Immediately after this query, teacher asked me to explain accrual concept. I stood up but could not tell anything. Most of the students were laughing on me. The teacher asked me about my educational details. I informed him that I don’t know even “A” of Accountancy. Then he asked me why I did not ask? I replied that I was feeling shame so did not raise my hand After my candid acceptance of my authenticity he became sympathetic to me and advised me to be true with myself always. Further he advised me to accept myself in as is position, in whatever form I am and start working from there. Some students also started co-operating with me. This episode opened my eyes to started from scratch. 2 months later a written test was held and out of 100 marks I scored 29 marks. Although I failed in test but to my utter surprise I was second highest scorer. My teacher was very happy with my score. On that day he blessed me for success in my future exams.

Friends authenticity is great power. We feel hesitation in acknowledging our weakness. On many occasions we show ourselves that we know everything and we can do everything. This is a wrong habit and tantamount to being unauthentic with ourselves. In a way we got in track of our own delusion. Which is bad for us only. I remember one episode when I was sent to Delhi Management Association to attend classes on presentation conducted by renowned Coach Ms Renu Mattu. For first 2 days she taught different principles and we did demo presentations. On 3rd day we had to give our final presentation. I was showing extra confident from outside but internally I was hesitant about it. In a way I was carrying load of fear and hesitation on my mind. This load was increasing by the lapse of time and reached at peak when time of presentation came. After I started presentation audience started raising queries. Teacher herself started commenting on my body language etc. I felt little embracing. She offered me to give presentation at end of class but I insisted to complete it then and there. I realised their concerns and accordingly improved immediately. To my surprise everybody appreciated me after presentation. After the presentation teacher came near me and hugged, she was very happy on acceptance and working my weak points.

Friends, number of time we do not express our feeling to others to avoid confrontation. This becomes our weakness and causes suffering in our life. In general, we do it to save relationship. However, after. Becoming unauthentic we do not do justice with ourselves not with such person. Recently one of my friend asked some rupee from me. He promised me to payback within a week. Believing his promise, I paid him but he did not return from 3 months. It disturbed my budget too but due to hesitation I could not ask from him. Although whenever I remember his promise many negative thoughts appear in mind. This delusion of mind is really due to becoming unauthentic. If these feelings were expressed correctly in time perhaps there would have been clarity and peace of mind for all. So we need to come out of this delusion and represent your true self, what you are.  Believe in your strength and acknowledge your weakness and move forward. Best of luck.

Co-Powered by Mr Nitin Khandelwal, a visionary social worker and reformer

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