Do we live with facts or fictitious stories in our life?

Do we live with facts or fictitious stories in our life?

In our earlier articles we have discussed about a mankind, why man is different from other species? Why we need to be more responsible etc? In process of becoming responsible towards ourselves, relatives, friends and society how can we utilize our mind with utmost efficiency, we need to develop power of discrimination in facts vs stories. Facts remains facts as unchanging reality but stories are product of our mind. A type of by-product of our thought process. Our mind creates it in present taking input from our past experience. These stories influence our past and effect our future. Sometimes they stop us in living in present.

I remember one incidence of my life. In 2004. There were 2 group in office. One group represented by Regional Manager, HR Manager, Marketing Manager etc and in another group there were Accounts Manager, Inspection Manager etc. My position was like India neither with any power center. Being indifferent have its disadvantage. Management had plan to split North zone in two parts. Accounts Manager was supposed to be promoted as Regional Manager of 2nd part and I had to succeed him as Accounts Manager. In due course management decision was called off and office atmosphere became bitter.  Leg pulling and blame game became daily routine. Considering the difficulty in business Management transferred the Accounts Manager to Head Office and I was given charge of Account. I felt very happy. It was like promotion and increase in work responsibility etc. but this happiness was like water bubble. Within 1 week a new Senior Accounts Manager’s joining at our Regional Office was announced. I took it as a matter of insult for me and my mind started creating stories like new person will work against me. I will not have any importance in office etc. Although I nothing new about him. The new person came and we started working together. To my surprise he did not take away any work responsibility from me and helped me in enriching my experience. He gave me full freedom in working and even guided me for further studies. Even now when we are working different organisation for 14 years, I see him as my well-wisher. Within a short period, I realized that stories created by my mind were just my own imagination which does not had any fact. In due course I also progressed in my career and now I realize that in reality his entry in corporate drama was a happy moment for me. 
Friends fictitious stories created by our mind based on past consumes our lot of energy and mental strength. Since our mind is like bundle of thoughts. It cooks the facts in different ways and makes stories like what other will think and what they will say. These stories lie in our mind only. In number of times they don’t exist. This what, where and who stops us from taking many decisions in life. In reality nobody has time to think about our stories. In my society when I was about to get married, in those days meeting with fiancee was not encouraged before marriage. I remember once those days my fiancée had some health problem and I wanted to meet her. Several days I could not decide that if I go there to meet then what my parents will think about me or what her parents or other relatives will say. Whether they will take it as normal or not. After thinking for 2-3 days in living in indecisiveness I collapsed and started crying. Then my parents informed in-laws about my program to visit their place. To my surprise all concerned were happy on my visit and they took it with positive note.
Therefore, my friends let’s think about facts don’t create stories to complicate the life. Life is a game play it. Life is dream realise it. life is a love experience it.

- Co-Powered by Mr. Nitin Khandelwal, a visionary social worker and reformer.

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  1. Very well written 👍... Instead of making assumptions (in personal and professional life), we should follow "go with the flow" rule..😊

  2. Superb message for all...👌 Thankyou sir for sharing your experience it may encourages others...🙏


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