Delhi Riots - Selfishness every where

Delhi Riots - Selfishness every where

Riots took over different localities of East Delhi between 22nd to 24th of February 2020. Till date approx. 42 peoples have been reported dead including a police officer and more than 300 are seriously injured including an Assistant Commissioner Of Police (ACP). More than 60 Police personnel’s are too injured. More than thousand shops were burnt. Schools exams were postponed. Seriousness of the case can be understood from the fact that Security Advisor Mr. Ajit Dobhal himself came on streets to restore the confidence of the peoples. Now after so much there is peace. We wanted to discuss causes of such a big riots and its effect on mankind. Apart from cause and effect we wanted to analyze the role of stake holders who fueled these riots and way forward.

Who Started Riots?

All of us may have different answers to this question. Hindu and Muslim both blame each other for riots. But is it right? Whether a normal human being who is fighting for his 2 times bread and butter can afford to engage in such nonsense activity. But yes they were engaged? They caused grief & misery to each other.  What is the reason of their escalation? Why such foolish things become priority over the routine activity? These areas belong to National Capital where literacy %age is good then why such narrow minded things happens. If normal peoples do not do it then who else is behind this issue. Let us examine role of their stakeholders.

1- Political System

Democracy is now preferred over other formats of rulings ie monarchy, aristocracy, timocracy, oligarchy etc. In this format power is obtained through votes of peoples. In India we are facing different types of drawbacks of democracy. To obtain or retain power political parties are doing every single effort ignoring even human values. A large population have affiliation to their respective political party based on their ideology. Congress was in power for 70 years and now moving towards extinction due to its inadequate succession planning, is trying to remain relevant so ready to do whatever they can, ignoring human values and public interest. BJP representing itself as successor of Indian Values so wanted show itself as removing mess created by British and Arabian Looters on Indian Civilisation even at cost of human life. AAP had inherited all qualities of earlier congress now wanted to maintain its power in Delhi at any cost be it riots, unrest or breach of law and order. So there is perfect competition amongst the political parties to retain or regain power so they are ready to go upto any extent. Gandhi family openly radicalised peoples to come on roads and create unrest. Name of AAP Councillor has come in social media in merciless killing IB Officer. Another MLA of AAP too have created havoc in CAA case. Hate speech of BJP leaders like Anurag Thakur, Pravesh Verma and Kapil Mishra too cannot be appreciated. In a way some political parties are trying to increase their vote %age by speech and some handled the riots. Threatening speech of Ex-MLA of Owassi too casted high in these riots. Central Govt. too cannot be appreciated in its approach in handling the riots. Probably they wanted to show restraint taking lesson from Gujrat riots. But this restraint costed too much to innocent peoples.

2- Media

There is throat cutting competition amongst the news channels and other media groups too to increase their TRP.  TRP impacts their revenue and margin too. So they also prefer to be selfish and show selected news on their channels. Each media house is somewhere related with any political party. Even few political parties have their own newspapers. If you see any news channel or newspaper you can easily identify their reporting pattern. Leave Indian media group even International News Channels too show selective news based on their customers like or dislike. So this selfish nature of media groups is costing very high on humanity.

3- Judiciary

Judiciary which is known as temple of justice and second line of democracy too got infected by the selfishness of their judges. As per provisions Govt. have right to appoint the judges of High courts from practicing advocates. Many of the Judges have been appointed from Political Parties families and few of them have innocently shown their faithfulness even after appointment and caused loss to image of judiciary. In above cases too role of judiciary was not appreciating.

4- So Called Intellectuals

Our so called intellectuals from Bollywood are also cause of pain. Their affiliation to radical groups surfaces in due course. Due to selective criticism and glorification they have too influenced the peoples mind towards riots.       

Friends we exactly don’t know whether these riots are by-product of CAA confusion or act of militant groups or peoples who created mess in society for their self-interest.  We know that there is grief and misery in more than 1000 families who have loosed their people’s members, their property and their livelihood. Violence in any form is not appreciable. It’s against humanity. So let us spread the message of truth, right conduct, love, peace nonviolence. So be human and enjoy the life. 

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  1. At this time political party trying to rule at any cost or damage of country. Not even one or two party all Political party have same agenda. No one bothering about better education, health and jobs. How can this Central Government control whole country when they failed to control Delhi.


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