Choose The Diet Which Suits You ?

Choose The Diet Which Suits You ?

In modern life peoples are genuinely careful about their health. Once upon time people with excessive fat were considered as healthy & strong but now a day’s people with slip body attract the attention.  I remember there was a health check-up camp in our office 3 year back. As usual all staff was going one by one. When my number came I also went and first person took my weight, measured the BP, taken blood sample and noted down random sugar number and forwarded to a lady Doctor. Lady Doctor asked me about problem if any faced by me in last 2 years and asked the type of diets I generally take. For example- hay diet, macro-biotic diet based on yin-yang balance, diet based on blood type, diet based on acid-alkaline balance etc. At that time many words were new to me and got confused that food which I take at home and it falls in which category. Few days I tried to do googling and discussed with friends, teachers and experts of naturopathy, but could not get peace of mind. Finally advise of my Guru worked and I wanted to share with all for better understanding of all who matters to me.

It is advisable to prefer simple diet regimen. Follow the diet pattern you like. If you want to change them go slow in change process so that body may adjust changes. Sudden change in food habit will disturb the digestive process.
1- Nature have gifted us plenty of vegetable foods. So non veg food like meat, fish, eggs, alcohol and tobacco etc need to be avoided.
2- Prefer to eat raw un-cooked fresh vegetables. Initially include small quantity in your diet so that digestive system gradually gets adjusted accordingly.
3- Try to eat food which is as close to nature as possible Fresh vegetables are close to the nature. Organically grown vegetables and fruits are the best. Raw food like vegetables and fruits contain enzymes, which are helpful in digestive process.
4- Avoid to overcook or the vegetables, it may be steamed gently. If frying is felt necessary, then use pure ghee (clarified butter).
5- Food cooked in micro wave over are energy dead so may be avoided.
6- Food stored in fridge, especially the juicy eatables need to be avoided.
7- Restrict the consumption of sweets, packaged food with additives, especially that contain taste enhancer, artificial emulsifiers, colourings and flavourings etc.
8- Take fresh juice of fruits and avoid carbonated drinks, caffeine as found in coffee, tea or hot beverages.
9- Restrict use of 5 white’s food items: milk or milk products, white sugar salt, white flour and polished rice.
10- Start meal with salads which may include some sprouts made from beans, whole lentils or pulses, chick peas, whole grains, alfalfa, sunflower or sesame seeds, fenugreek etc.
11- Food should not be too spicy, hot, cold, rich, bland or salty.

Till now we discussed what should we take in food. Apart from items thoughts of the person cooking the food are also important. If thoughts of cooking persons are pure and items were purchased from earned money and utensils are clean, then food will be well digestive.

Pray to God to purify and sanctify your food, before starting to take food. Remain happy while taking food. Avoid to see any violent content on television while taking food preferably don’t watch television while having food. Food need to be chewed at least 32 times for each morsel. Drink water after half an hour of taking food. At the end of food stomach need to half empty for liquid and air.

Hope you will find above practices very helpful to maintain a healthy body and health mind. We will discuss about other life style contents in our next article. Simple life happy life.

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