Are you ready to fight against Corona Virus ?

Are you ready to fight against Corona Virus ?

Corona virus (officially named as Covid-19) is in news headline since almost ending of year 2019. WHO have declared it as very serious disease. More than 3100 peoples have been reported died in China and more than 95 thousand peoples are infected. More than 2000 Doctors & nurses too have been infected by this disease. Now this disease has been spread in more than 35 countries.  Seriousness of the disease can be understood from the fact that food packets are being delivered to patients through robots Information is coming from Chinese news agencies which are considered as most regulated and censored. Seriousness of censorship can be understood from the news that Doctor who identified this virus first time was arrested who ultimately died fighting this virus himself. Scarcity of nurses and doctors too have been reported. So real suffering of humanity will be known at later date. This virus has been reported to have been transmitted in more than 25 countries. But researchers warn that cases might be going undetected in some nations that are considered at high risk of an outbreak but are reporting fewer cases than expected, or none at all.
This is a concern for all of us.

COVID-19 has effected human life very badly. Entire Wuhan city seems under curfew. Attendance in schools & colleges, offices & factories are minimal. Aviation industry got very hard hit. It is effecting other related industries too very badly. Now a day when we don’t store food items of more than a month, how peoples would be surviving. Although China have done so much development that it started challenging nature to a large extent like developing artificial island on sea and changing flow of rivers to making silk roads etc but a country with largest military & economic base seems helpless against this virus.   

Exact causes of virus are still not known. Few doctors say that coronavirus originated in Wuhan city of China which is known as super market of animal foods. In last few years it is being observed that many viruses have been transmitted from animals to men i.e. ebola, swine flu etc. Coronavirus is suspected to be disease of bats which reached to other animals and gradually to men in normal food chain. Few people suspect that this virus was developed as biological warfare weapon. Causes may be anything but suffering of humanity is a concern for all of us.

Common signs of corona infection are problem in respiratory system, fever, cough, shortness & difficulty in breathing. Shortness of breath may cause kidney failure too. Mostly kidney failure causes death in this case. These symptoms become severe in old age people who are ailing already in any other disease. In starting these symptoms appears to be normal cold & flue. But these are more sever and stay for long.

Doctors and research activists are continuously working to develop vaccine for its prevention but still we are struggling for success in this area. So at this point of time awareness and prevention is most desirable exercise. So it is recommended to take following precautions to prevent spreading this disease.
1- Regular hand washing before meal,
2- Covering mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing,
3- Thoroughly cooking meat and eggs.
4- Avoid close contact with anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness such as coughing and sneezing.
5- Boil 5 leafs of basil or 10 gms of Gilloy in half a litre water till half of water evaporate and use 1 tea spoon in a day to boost immunity.
6- Use homeopathic remedy Arsenicum album 30C and two drops of sesame oil in each nostril each morning for prevention.

At this juncture prevention is best practice. So educate all concerned to follow above preventions. If anybody needs preventive remedies to boost his immunity, he may contact us by mail to or through our facebook page. We provide it free of cost. Please do circulate this article to all concerned who matter to you so that collectively we may defeat corona virus which is spreading to infect humanity at large scale.

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  1. This is something worth reading... Challenging the laws of mother nature will lead to disaster only... We can see how the country which is far more superior in terms of technology and medical sciences is now helpless in front of this viral outbreak.

  2. Really nice article ..
    We all must be aware of this virus and take some precautions...


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