Importance of Unity in Service

Importance of Unity in Service

There are immense benefits of working through groups or organisations. What an individual cannot do society can do. Even birds, animals and insects have learnt this truth.  They are driving benefits from group activity. Therefore, we need to believe that nothing is impossible to achieve if an organised society sets it to achieve.
It is divine mantra that we can achieve liberation (Moksha) from service. For this we have develop unity, willingness to scarify and softness of compassion.

Service without expectation gives necessary strength courage to those who are less fortunate. Service activities are regarded as offering to God. Hence every single opportunity to serve the needy should be welcomed as gift from God. This spirit of seva leads to self-realisation.
The world will change only when we change ourselves.  When we will be good our family will also be good. When families are good the society is transformed. Improvement in society brings improvement in nation. When the nation improves the world will be transformed.

Like eyes ears and limbs are part of body similarly every individual is part of society. Society is a limb of humanity and humanity is a limb of nature. Nature is a limb of God. We need to recognise this relationship between ourselves and God. Therefore, try to shape the society by uplifting the life of others.

Baba used to say that purpose of life is not lead an animal existence. Man exists for service. We have to return to society through service what scarify we have received. Therefore, service should be rendered selflessly and lovingly in spirit of sacrifice. This is the way of transforming service into spirituality.

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