How your leader should be?

How your leader should be?

There are millions of people in this world who claim them to be leaders. In organizational level too entrepreneur’s support potential staff for leadership role who have capacity to become leaders. Is there any standard checklist of identifying potential leaders? Many times, wrong persons are also picked up in this exercise who did not deserved to be. By the times results justify it loss could have been already happened. Considering above risk factors, we tried to develop some criteria by which a potential leader could be identified.

To aspire for leadership a person must possess 3 types of knowledge. Knowledge of self his strength and weaknesses. Second knowledge relating to his field of work. Third knowledge of social/organizational environment. A good leader has to possess personal character and social character both to succeed. Only such persons can become a ideal leader who give-up selfish interests. Means he should be above the idea of mine and thine. The true leader should be dedicated for welfare of all and uphold reputation of his organization to which he re-presents.

He may not be a good micro-manager. It would not be out of context to define here the difference between a manager and leader. A good manager is the person who ensures achieving the goal in right time and within utmost efficiency. Whereas leader is the person who selects right goal. Leader is one who marches in front not who issues orders from rear. He should set example by his actions. There is huge difference in demand and supply of such leaders due to above factors.

The person who practices universal human values like Sathya, Dharma, Shanti, prem and Ahimsha experiences joy therefrom and shares that joy with others can be called leaders. Further a leader must be selfless and be full of spirit of sacrifice. Only public welfare will be his sole objective and must be prepared even to make supreme sacrifice for the sake of people. To simplify a leader is one, who gives up all ideas of possessiveness works only for wellbeing of the organization and holds himself as ideal human being.

Only persons with stable and able nature can succeed in the life. 

Does above examples supports the succession planning in anyway? If not then please give your comments. We will be happy to assist you further. 
Thank you.

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  1. I am lucky to have great leader like you in our organization..You are not only supporting to your team and also provide us good path to achieve our goals...Thannkyou so much sir and above lines are too good..

  2. Fifteen leadership qualities that can make you a good leader.

    Honesty and integrity
    Inspire Others
    Commitment and Passion
    Good Communicator
    Decision Making Capabilities
    Delegation and Empowerment
    Creativity and Innovation
    Emotional Intelligence
    Vision and Purpose


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