Health and Positive Thoughts

Health and Positive Thoughts

All of us have been given this body on rent by God for a particular period to discharge our duties in day to day life. So we are responsible for its maintenance and upkeep.

As we know that our body is made up of many systems. Each system performs a specific function and contributes to the work of other systems. All the systems contribute to maintain the balance of the body, starting with the most basic ‘building block’ of the human body, the cell. Cells together make up tissues, tissues together make organs, and the organs functioning together make up the human body. To maintain this physical structure, we take different nutrients through food and drinks. Still sometimes we get inflicted with some disease and blame our intakes.

Usually we forget that the origin or root cause of an illness lies in the mind. A pure mind liberates us of all illnesses.

The mind gathers impurity when we use the senses to indulge in experiences to satisfy our desires, pride or emotional responses like anger and hate. Impure sensory intake weakens and opens the body to all kinds of energy that would normally not be able to enter the physical body. Once our mind is purified, no illness can touch us. However, this is a long-term process during which we may be afflicted with disease; so we must consider the best way to treat ourselves.

One such way to keep ourselves healthy is “Positive thinking” by control of mind. When the mind is occupied with thanking God, forgiving and forgetting the mistakes of others, being cheerful and contented, we live a lifestyle that radiates goodness and in turn keeps us healthy. 

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