CAA – Facts & Rumours

CAA – Facts & Rumours

Since last few days we are regularly watching protest and support for Citizens Amendment Bills. In few parts of the country protest became violent and Police had to use power to maintain the law and order situation. It resulted into loss of public property, disturbance in study of students, loss of earning of daily wages earners and much more. In absence of indifferent sources of information, it is difficult to believe on news channels or social media due to their vested interest. Many type of rumours were circulated by political parties or other vested interest groups. Few of them and related facts are as below-  

1-      There are rumours that this bill will take away citizenship of existing Indian Muslims.
Fact- This is baseless rumour. This bill is not applicable on persons who already have citizenship.
2-      This rule is against right of equality.
Fact- If this bill is not applicable on existing citizens then how it can be against law of equality.
3-      This bill will give citizenship to non-Muslim only? Why not to Muslims?
Fact- All referred 3 countries are Islamic country where Muslims are protected. These countries have strong track record of harassment to minorities. So citizenship is given to suffered people who entered into India for shelter. It is step of humanity.
4-      If this Bill is not against Indian People, then why it is being opposed?
Fact- Opponent Political Parties/other vested interest groups did not have any issue to oppose govt.  So they grabbed the opportunity to misguide the peoples.

5-      After above rule no Muslim will get Indian Citizenship?
Fact- This is a incorrect. After valid application and completing formality any Muslim or non-Muslim can get citizenship. Like singer Adnan Sami who is a Pakistani Muslim singer but got citizenship.

6. Why this law required now ?
Fact - When United India was partitioned in 1947 due to the selfishness & ambition of  some leaders along with English rulers  that time  the mass population did not wanted the partition.

 Same like  that the minorities living in the parts of Pakistan (East & West) also didn't accept the idea of partition. The partition has been imposed on the public of United India with out their consencess  but they had no way other than accepting it with the  broken hearts. It resulted into lots of violence & brutality faced by both sides of population. The millions of people brutally  killed  & womens of minorities were gang raped/ killed. There was no one who could save thier lives and properties.

This new law  in the form of CAA has given to them who's parents was the citizens of United India before partition on the ground of humanity & Justice.

The justice has been given very late to them  but in a correct form.
"Der ayad perr durust ayad"
Therefore we all should welcomed it with joy for the welfare of our  great civilization.

 So Friends India is peaceful country with rich culture over 5000 years. It is birth place of spirituality and 
religion. All of us are safe. Just follow our common Indian values of Sathya, Dharma, Shanti, Prem & Ahimsa and enjoy your life.  21st century belongs to India. World is waiting for your leadership. Welcome On-board.  

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