Auditing & Spirituality?

Auditing & Spirituality?

While returning from an internal audit tour I met a gentle man in flight whose age was around 57 years.  Since we had reached airport almost 1 hour prior to departure time so started normal chit chat. My co-passenger was placed as Head of Finance in a reputed company.

After normal discussion he asked me what is auditing?
After 4 days’ tour I was feeling little tired so this question was appearing little boring. So to change the topic I replied that auditing is a check of fundamental organisational values.
His expression was little strange. From his body language it was clear that he was not satisfied with my answer. He further asked what do you mean by organisational values.
I replied that values means code of conduct on truth, right conduct, peace, love and nonviolence. Perhaps my reply had further increased his doubt about quality of my answer.
He asked me whether I work in any NGO or spiritual organisation?
I replied that I work for a business organisation.
He felt little upset and asked the relationship between these values and business audit?
Looking upon his discomfort I replied each value in details like –
Truth-  Audit of Management Information System /Reports.
Right Conduct – Compliance of policies and Procedures. Just and Equity.
Peace – Clarity about roles and responsibility. Satisfaction with respect to work & reward process.
Love- Cooperation amongst different functions. Motivation & Efficiency.
Non Violence -  Segregation of duty and defined delegation matrix.
He was little surprised to know the relationship of values with process. He said that when he used to visit on audit tour peoples used to be afraid. They pray to God for their job security. He asked me about peoples feeling on my audit?
I replied that peoples feels very happy on my visits. They co-operate and come-up with their queries and concerns. Which we used to resolve.
By this time flight departure was announced. At that moment I was not sure whether I convinced him about this definition and aptitude of audit or not but he quickly asked my phone number. So I was sure that he has curiosity to know more.
Now he is one of my best friend. We used to meet sometimes and discuss different issues.
Friends it is not necessary that we will be able to change the universe but we can change perspective of few.    

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  1. It is not necessary that we will be able to change the universe but we can change perspective of few.


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