People, Process and Product – Importance of 3P

People, Process and Product – Importance of 3P

Three areas of quality management system have yielded assured and sustainable return. Giving due importance to people, process and product brings systematic approach in business and empower enterprises to create value. Improvement in process improves efficiency which results into growth of the company and nurture relationships with all stakeholders. Let’s us discuss about each factor in details.

People- Peoples are the most important success factor. Here people do not mean employees only. Off-course employees are most important but it includes other stake holders too like customers, vendors, ultimate consumers etc too. They all have vested interest in success of our organisation.
So considering the importance of these factors relationship need to be protected and preserved:
  • How do you treat your employees, the office space you provide them with, the technology our company uses and the compensation plan? It adds up to their respect.
  • Remain in touch with your customers, since they are the source of referrals in furtherance of business.
Therefore, it is necessary to stay in touch with our peoples through email, phone or other notes if physical meeting is not possible. Sending them thank-you card or gift to someone matters. It will be remembered for a long time and improve relationship.

Process- This is the least cared area, although critical. Processes is the way how functions take place. To some extent these are set of instructions do discharge a particular task. For example, taking orders, billing, dispatch of goods, collection from customers etc. In internal process includes background working, understanding scope/clients expectations, sampling, intimation to client, meeting, discussion and sharing observations oral or written and follow-up with client.
Processes eliminate how, what and when etc and smoothen the flow of activity. Processes help the sustainability of the growth. They support in succession planning too.

Product – Customer satisfaction/delight comes from product performance. If our product quality is excellent then its performance will attract more customers.  If product quality is not good, then expensive aadvertisements will also remain ineffective. Therefore, there would be no compromise policy with product quality.
If you are not getting enough customers due to any reason, then please take customers opinion about product design.  Take their feedback about service delivery. Note down their concerns if any and resolve it as soon as possible. Customers delight must be kept in mind.
Quality of the product is considered good if customers feel delighted and refer it to their friends and relatives.

These three factors always need to be taken care by all of us.


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