What is Vibrionics

What is Vibrionics

Vibrionics is a unique healing system of its kind spread in more than 83 countries. It is free to patients. No fees for consultations or medicines are charged from patients.

Vibrionics can be said as an advanced and wider version of homoeopathy. It does not insert the chemical substance in the human body which have otherwise side effects. Rather remedies are formulated from vibrations of healthy body parts, chakras, meridians, homoeopathic remedies, tissue salts, and other essentials. In vibrionics vibrations are given in form of mental and emotional tonics too. Vibrionics is a holistic healing system. It can cure any and every type of disease in a fast and efficient way. 

Under vibrionics treatment touching the body of the patients is not required even not permitted. Rather remedies are formulated on the basis of symptoms and case studies. Remedies under vibrionics is equally beneficial for all living species ie mankind, animals and plants too. Vibrionics was developed on the concept of radionix. Vibrionics remedies are safe even for pregnant ladies and infants.

Sai Vibrionics, commonly called Vibrionics, is also sometimes referred to as Sai Ram Healing Vibrations, Vibro-healing, Vibropathy, or Vibration Healing.

Vibrionics remedies may be taken along with allopathic medicines. These remedies even control the side effects of allopathic medicines and accelerate the cures.

Vibrionics remedies are provided through its vibrionics practitioners offering their services selflessly as Sadhna following the guidelines of their divine Master Bhagwan Sathya Sai Baba for self-realisation.

To know more about vibrinocs practitioners, vibrionics case histories, vibrionics news letters please visit https://vibrionics.org/ .

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